Your life, your day


This is your life; this is your day. And you cannot judge your life by the things that happen in it—because good things will happen and bad things will happen. And this is what’s going to make you incredibly vulnerable.

Your life doesn’t live for your dreams. Your life doesn’t live for your fantasy. Your life lives for you, and you have to live for your life, for this time that you have, the possibilities that abound because you exist.

So many explanations, so many complexities, so many ideas—but they all come and go. They all come and go; that’s just their nature. And you, so far you are alive, you’re constant. You look at your body—and that’s not constant. It’s changing, changing, all the time. You just don’t notice it.

You know, one of the things I like to do is time-lapse photography. And just to see how everything moves—clouds, how fast they actually move. How always, constantly, they’re changing. And everything is passing by so fast.

But it’s not about that; it’s about our perspective. What is your perspective of your existence, of your life? When good things happen, unfortunately you boost your ego. “I did this; I did that; oh my God, I, da, da-da….”

And then, when bad things happen, you lose heart; you lose patience with yourself, and you blame yourself for everything. That’s no way to live—like a yo-yo—up and down, up and down, up and down.

So, find that stability, because that’s inside of you too. Discover it, and hang onto it. Hang on to the good in you. Be with it! Pamper it!

The decision you have to make is which course are you going to follow? That’s the decision you have to make. Set the course, and then go with it. If the course you select is, “The priority in my life is joy, is clarity. And I will do everything to promote that.”

Not sadness, not self-beating, not feeling guilty about things that I didn’t even do—and accepting failure.

And if you decide that’s not the path you want to choose, then set your course accordingly. Because once you’ve chosen that, all the decisions come easy. It’s like, “Okay, and now I know—that’s the path I’m going.”

“That’s the path I’m going.”

– Prem Rawat