“Practicing Knowledge offers me a constant source of love and Inspiration which, in turn, strengthens me with personal courage, resilience, passion and compassion. It brings me personal fulfillment.”

Rosemary H. Australia

“The gift of Knowledge teaches me how to receive every day as a gift full of surprises that leaves me in awe.”

Sylvie A. – France

“Practicing Knowledge allows me to set the bar for fulfillment in my life. It shows me that my true nature is peace and that I always have a choice in every circumstance. It shows me that I possess all the tools I need to live in harmony with my deepest humanity.”

Alla R. – USA

“My headspace is often full of complexity, confusion and unanswered questions. Knowledge shows me my heartscape, where simplicity, clarity and answers abound. It has restored the balance in my life. For that, I'm extremely grateful!”

Rosalind N. – UK

“Practicing Knowledge, I realize that I have been shown a point of reference in me that is constant, unchanging, solid and secure. In a constantly changing world, it feels very good to know this.”

William S. Canada

“When I practice Knowledge, I am so filled with love, peace, and calm that all my sorrows disappear.”

Milagros O. Spain

“The gift of Knowledge has been a constant source of joy in an ever-changing world and has enriched my experience of life in a very positive way. To know that within me is an ocean of peace that I can feel each day is wonderful.”

David O. UK

“Practicing Knowledge is like having an inner tuning fork.”

Joyce G. USA

“I feel peace after practicing Knowledge. All positive traits like love, kindness, clarity, and serenity become automatic in me. Once again, I begin to live in the present.”

Nim Lal B., Nepal

“Getting to know my real self via the practice of Knowledge has been the most interesting, the most powerful, and the most pleasurable experience of my life.”

Jean Paul P. – Mexico

“I have understood that there is a significant difference between the days I practice Knowledge and the days I don’t,  with the former offering a pure and peaceful feeling.”

Sengottaiyan V. –  India

“Practicing Knowledge transformed my life from a black and white movie into a colorful one with a beautiful soundtrack!  Everything changed for the better!”

Isolda B. – Italy

“The practice of Knowledge is stabilizing, like having roots way down into the ground, so I don’t get blown all over the place when the winds of changes swirl.”

Susan G. – USA

“From darkness to light, hate to love, scattered to focused, thirsty to quenched, chaos to harmony, ignorance to understanding, anger to gratitude, despair to hope, desert to garden, mind to heart and at home with myself.”

David A. –  Australia

“Practicing Knowledge, I realize I can be kind to myself and kind to others. I cherish each day. I enjoy the gift of my life even though I face difficulties sometimes.”

Teruko O. – Japan

“Practicing Self-Knowledge gives me a feeling of calm and helps me be centered in the self. It allows me to take a break from all the distractions in my life and focus on the joy of being alive.”

Fadi H. –Lebanon

Knowledge connects me with a profound inner peace that fills me with the purest gratitude for being alive.”

Mitesh D. – UK

“The day I received Knowledge I deeply knew that I had a real place of my own in this world and instantly I felt free for the first time in my life.  Practicing Knowledge takes me home.

Javier K. – Spain

“Now I know I can be in a place that doesn’t change – free from fear, uncertainty, and time.”

Raul Arturo M. –  Argentina

“Knowledge has enabled me to love my life as I had never been able to love it before. And the love grows.”

 Hildegard K. – Germany

If you have received the techniques of Self-Knowledge from Prem Rawat and are practicing them, please consider submitting your response in 35 words or less to the following question: “How has the practice of Self-Knowledge changed my life for the better?”

Simply email your response, along with a notation of your home country, to editor@premrawat.com.
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