“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast week 21 – The GPS of Life

Nov 18, 2022

Prem Rawat is in Cascais, Portugal to talk to one of the leading business forums in the world, The Young Presidents’ Organisation.

 We are all in the business of being alive. Family is a business full of negotiation. The picture is not complete unless you consider the you who is living here and now. The GPS cannot tell you where you should go. It only tells you where you are. We all have maps, but do we have the GPS to know where we are and what it means to be alive.

Where do your thoughts go during the day? You must know what your nature is to know where you belong. To provide leadership, you must know where you are and your crew looks to you for direction. It is vital that you know who you are.

And once you know who you are, that you practice your craft and hone your skills. You become what you practice.

All of us are made from a few simple atoms and molecules, yet we are so much more than that. We are offered the opportunity to be anything we would like. We should aim to be peaceful and to fulfill our potential. We should feel good about what we do and consider what truly makes us feel good. It is the true peace inside where you have achieved everything you can and feel that strength and clarity from within.

These are the simple and basic steps for you to be you. The peace that you need is within you already. It is a necessity for living your best life.

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