“Life’s Essentials with Prem Rawat” podcast series 3, episode 19 – Prem Rawat Answers Questions with Filippa Lagerbäck

Sep 28, 2021

Filippa Lagerbäck: “We live in a world of disinformation,” you said, where social media has a big impact on the fake news—that travels the world in an instant! Something spreads across the globe. Whereas the good news doesn’t even make the news. Why is that?

Prem Rawat:
Because we have created a society in which bad news finds meaning; good news finds nothing.


Perhaps you’ll find meaning in some good news: You may be letting sorrow dominate your life because of personal failure or fear of never realizing success. Almost everyone wants to be successful at something. But it can actually be a gift to find your carefully laid plans in shambles. If you’re trying to climb the ladder of success and the rungs keep disappearing, it might be for your own protection. You could be disillusioned by what awaits at the top. Or maybe the wall that the ladder is propped against is about to collapse.

No matter what impossible scenarios the outside world presents, you’ll discover how fortunate you already are if you take steps inward. There is no glass ceiling to break – no ceiling at all – just a universe of limitless opportunities. And when you’re able to find balance outside and within, you’ll find out that a fulfilled life is not about choosing either; you can have it all.

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