Janet Wallace

Jun 29, 2022

Janet Wallace

“I had heard Prem Rawat speak initially in India early in 1971. I was an art student from Canada on a world trip with others exploring art and culture. I was told this young boy offered a way to experience peace and, upon meeting him, the message he shared struck a chord.

“I stayed in India for four months, hearing Prem speak on various occasions. I then started my return trip to Canada and was in London when Prem came in June 1971. I happened to be at the London residence where Prem was staying when he made a last-minute decision to go to Glastonbury. So I went as well.

“The memory I have of Prem speaking at Glastonbury is of his heartfelt plea for people to understand the importance of finding inner peace. I was moved by the deep sincerity and conviction of his message. I came away with a greater appreciation and respect for Prem and a deeper thirst to actualize peace in my life.

“Since that time, I have made it a priority to continue to listen to Prem’s message and to apply the understanding in my life.

“I credit Prem Rawat and his message for giving me the tools to live more meaningfully. His passion for peace and consistent effort to communicate it has influenced my life, giving me a greater desire to thrive in a way that matters most.

“I share the understanding I have gained from Prem’s message through my art by creating works that aspire to be from an experience of peace and encourage living sustainably, carefully, equitably and with gratitude.”

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