Prem Rawat sur la chaîne CNN

Nov 26, 2022

On September 3, a CNN interview with Prem Rawat, originally filmed on July 20, was aired on Christine Amanpour’s flagship global affairs program. The seven-minute interview covered a lot of ground and began with the following words by guest host, Sara Sidner: “We next turn to a man who is working to give us a way to find peace. Since the age of four, Prem Rawat has been going around the world to reintroduce people to what peace within feels like.”


Response to the CNN interview has been very positive and will be aired again on PBS in the near future.


“See this video for yourself and please share it out.” – KK Johan, CEO Brand Laureate Awards


“I have watched it again and again. It is brilliant.” – Lumka Ngxoli, South African Media Liaison


“It deals with the past in an authentic way with such clarity and wisdom.” – Dr. Shantha, North Pacific Regional Manager


“It really does an effective job making him current and relatable.” – David Shimberg, MarCom Director


Watch it on Prem Rawat’s Official YouTube Channel




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