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Peace Education by Prem Rawat is an innovative series of video-based workshops that help people discover their own inner strength and personal peace.

Prem Rawat is facilitating a virtual version of the program here for anyone around the world who would like to participate online. The workshops give you the opportunity to reflect on your own humanity and focus on your inner resources such as choice, hope, and dignity.

In each workshop, Prem will introduce a new theme and present a related video. He suggests that you take time to reflect on what you have learned at the end of each session. He invites you to share some of your reflections using the form below. Prem will share and discuss a selection of the reflections in the next broadcast.

How it works

Peace Education by Prem Rawat - 1
Peace Education by Prem Rawat - 2
Peace Education by Prem Rawat - 3
Peace Education by Prem Rawat - 4
Watch & enjoy the chapter of the week.
Write down your reflections.
Send you reflections within 2 days using the form below.
Watch Prem responding to selected reflections
Current theme
Peace Education by Prem Rawat - Theme 1 - Peace
To come: Presentation by Prem of selected reflections

Soumettez vos réflexions liées au Programme d’éducation pour la paix, avec ce formulaire.