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There are some things in this world that are not subject to thought. They’re subject to feeling. When you are tired and you start to fall asleep, you can try to tell yourself, “This shouldn’t be happening.” You can try to tell yourself this is not the appropriate time. You can try to tell yourself this is not the appropriate place.

But if you’re tired, you are tired—and the body says “bye-bye” to all your reservations, to all your ideas. I mean, I have seen pictures of U.S. presidents in the most important of conferences, and they’re falling asleep. I have seen grown men in a train, in front of everybody, snoring away. Because it is what it is.

The quest for peace does not begin here. It is a feeling, and it comes from the heart of every human being. And so, to truly understand this subject of peace, one also has to understand it from the very heart of one’s being. Not analysis. Because obviously the need for peace, at this moment of time, is incredible.

– Prem Rawat