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Started ... when I was nine years old ... talking to people. And I hope ... I have made a difference ... in your perspective ... [From audience: Yes.] in your understanding: that you have the solution; that you ... need to be ... in heaven ... every day ... that you are alive.

That you have ... the most powerful ... the, the most powerful friend ... [Ind.f.: Mmm!] and that is inside of you, wherever you go. You don’t need ... fear. You need strength. And the strength ... that I am talking about is inside of you.

Knowledge ... of the self, of you!—so you can understand, so you can see, so you can feel, so you know! And not (lear’, le’,) learn to live in a world of beliefs—but to know. To welcome every single day ... like you will not get another one. And that’s when every day ... starts to become a gift.