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Upcoming events in Europe | Livestream

Monday 11 October 2021


Events in Europe | Livestream on TimelessToday



We are delighted to announce that the October schedule for Prem Rawat’s events in Europe is now ready.

These events are confirmed:

Oct 6 – Author Event in Lisbon, Portugal
Oct 9 – Author Event in Brighton, UK
Oct 11 – Public Event in Rome, Italy
Oct 15 – Public Event in Barcelona, Spain

This WOPG page will contain links to information on each event including when and how to purchase tickets.

Munich and Paris events  have been postponed to a later date.

Events in Brighton and Barcelona will be able to accommodate people living in other European countries.
In Brighton, translation will be provided into Hindi, Tamil, Spanish, and French. In Barcelona, translation will be provided in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and French.

While everyone is welcome to attend these events, the venue capacity in each country is still affected by COVID, and the size of the live audience is greatly reduced.
This means that priority will be given to country residents and translation will be offered from English into the local language only.

If a specific event can offer more languages, the information can be found in the event details page TRANSLATION section.

For those who cannot attend in person, TimelessToday plans to livestream these events and will make a separate announcement about the broadcasts.
More information will be available at www.premrawat.com.

NOTE:  This advance notice is provided to help you plan, but should not be used to book travel or accommodations, since the number of people requesting seats may exceed venue capacity. Additionally, if you are planning to attend these events, in person, please check for any current travel restrictions that may affect you.