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Prem Rawat is looking for a skilled and energetic videographer to document him as he travels the world, sharing his unique perspectives and poignant insights. Prem himself prepared the job description below.

  1. Be able to travel and accompany me in my travels.
    1. Preferably have a valid US Passport.
  2. Be balanced, levelheaded and physically healthy.
  3. Know and learn thoroughly Adobe Premier Pro and Isotope sound restoration software. (Access to and other training resources will be provided.)
  4. Maintain, pack, and unpack equipment associated with capturing audio and video.
  5. Be proficient with setting up lighting and microphones.
  6. Be able to color-correct videos.
  7. All associated equipment will be provided.
  8. Maintain, update, and use checklists.
  9. Create a manageable efficient workflow.
  10. Be able to safely set up cameras, microphones, and recorders for capture in various environments, including but not limited to backstage, kitchen environments, gardens, studios, residences, cars and aircraft (including helicopters).
  11. Also be familiar with Excel and Word software.
  12. Capture and gather B-Roll footage.
    1. Backstage
    2. Preflight
    3. Train travels
    4. Venue
    5. City
    6. Meetings requested by unwell and/or elderly people.
  13. Get and be clear on the recording brief. Briefing to include:
    1. Purpose
    2. Location
    3. Final media output
    4. Any special considerations
  14. After capture, back up media and make it available to appropriate channels for broadcast.

If you sincerely feel you have what it takes to fill this position and would enjoy traveling with Prem, playing a key role in his work, kindly email a cover letter, CV/résumé and 3 references with subject line: Videographer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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