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This year, 2020, what if we could pool our resources, our understandings, our clarities, to make it a better world for everyone.

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First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I know a lot of people are going to be making resolutions—and everybody already has an idea of what they would like the next year to be! And anything is possible—but most importantly, the most important thing that’s possible is for you to be fulfilled in this New Year, for you to be actually, be happy!

And not because of one thing or the other thing or something that happens or doesn’t happen—but to be happy from the source, the source that you are—and understanding that source that you are. Understanding the source that you are of joy for yourself. Understanding the source you are of clarity for yourself, of understanding for yourself. And these are the things that we forget.

And we—it’s easy to sit down and go, “Yeah, Happy New Year”—and wish somebody a Happy New Year. But what do we know of happiness? What do we know of what happiness really means? What do we know of where the happiness truly resides—that it resides in our hearts, that it resides in us—that that’s the happiness we want.

And so many times, we look to the outside circumstances. We look to the outside things—that if they could change, then we could be happy. But that has nothing to do with what true happiness is.

True happiness comes from inside of you. And it has something to do with who you are and your understanding—and your effort and your commitment towards that beautiful you that already exists inside of you.

So, yeah, and we would all love to change our outside situations, perhaps—and maybe our happiness, we would like to have it be dependent on that. But the true happiness is not dependent on those things.

This year that is coming, the 2020, what if we could pool our resources, our understandings, our clarities, to make it a better world for everyone—not just ourselves, but for everyone. And of course, to be able to do that, that begins with us, with each one of us.

So, we have to bring that commitment towards us—and then bring that commitment towards this world, to make a better world, a better future for our offspring, for our children, for, you know, all those who are going to come who we don’t even know—and maybe we’re not ever going to be even related to them.

All those generations, to leave them a world that is a beautiful world. That there is a clarity and an understanding about that beautiful, beautiful, beautiful nature that already is here! And it just is begging that we take care of it, somehow.

To come together and truly put an end to these wars that we keep fighting. And these resolutions, you know—of course, we can make external resolutions, but the resolutions that need to be made are the resolutions that truly come from your heart!

That, “Yes, I want peace in my world. I want peace in my life; I want peace in my world. I want joy in my life; I want joy in my world! And I want something good to happen.”

Not speculation of what is bad or what is terrible or “How can this be” and “How can this be” and “We’re doing this wrong” and “We’re doing this wrong.” I know, as human beings, we have done a lot of things wrong. And, of course, we have done a lot of things that are right, too—because we can focus on the good that we can do.

And that’s what has to happen. Then, by focusing on that good, maybe some good will come in this world. And maybe that can be our resolution for the next year, for this coming year, 2020—that we can bring joy and peace and love and understanding and kindness to all those who are around us.

So I, again, wish you a very, very Happy New Year.

- Prem Rawat