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The Prem Rawat Foundation’s Food for People program has been doing wonders in the village of Otinibi in Ghana. With the help of the previous chief’s generous land grant, The Prem Rawat Foundation was able to build a canteen in the community which can feed more than 500 people per day.

The feeding program has two main components: school lunches and meals delivered to the elderly. The students have had a marked improvement in attendance, enrollment, athletic activities, and scholastic achievement. The elderly are overwhelmingly grateful for the meals they receive as otherwise they may go without food.

Chief Nii Adjei Kweidza Mansah, the current Chief of Otinibi, happily shows his appreciation by saying, “Let me take this opportunity to thank Prem Rawat and the donors, who out of their sweat they contribute money to sustain this facility. This facility has been so important to us, because it helps our children and the old men in the society.”

This month, donors have a new opportunity with the Reaching Out Appeal to help The Prem Rawat Foundation raise funds to support this important program and its other humanitarian initiatives. The Foundation is hoping to raise $150,000 by December 31 and is releasing four new videos ahead of then to show the impact of supporters.

The appeal launched with a video that shows how the Food For People canteen has been a bustling hub of community activity and wellbeing.  Even during the COVID-19 pandemic as local regulations have paused some of the activities, the program has continued to touch lives with class room and door-to-door deliveries of crucial food and supplies.

The Prem Rawat Foundation and its Food for People program have made an incredible impact on the Otinibi community over the years, and are there to stay with a sustainable presence.

Support Food for People during the Foundation’s Reaching Out Appeal and join Laure Foglietti on a fun and informative video tour, “A Visit to Otinibi,” here.