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Water is life and in the small villages served by The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) in Nepal residents are thankful for the water supply they now enjoy.  A severe earthquake and aftershocks in 2015 disrupted the water supply in the communities where the Food for People program was serving. The Prem Rawat Foundation responded by partnering with Premsagar Foundation Nepal  to find another water source and construct a brand new water distribution system. 

TPRF released a new video this week that shows how the project continues to improve lives. You can show your support and help ensure that Prem Rawat’s foundation is in a strong position to keep up the good work by donating during this month’s United in Hope appeal, helping reach  the goal of raising $150,000 by June 30.

Your support helped build the new reservoir, and a month was spent digging for new pipes. The villagers all volunteered members of their households to help. Now water is supplied to three villages and the Food for People center, which provides hundreds of thousands of nutritious meals every year.

More than 200 homes have gotten access to running water. Schools were not left out of the picture and students credit The Prem Rawat Foundation for helping them to achieve better health and hygiene. Om Prasad Sapkota, Headmaster of Liti Mahakal High School said, “After the arrival of water, with the help of the Foundation, the students were exuberant to come to school due to the availability of water. Previously, after the earthquake, there was no toilet, and we were forced to send students to the jungle. As a school, clean water has been one of our ways of attracting students to school.” 

The new water supply has been a boon for the entire community. Local women are singing the project’s praises, as it used to take them several hours a day to access water. The water also allows the community to grow more of their own food and aids them along the path of food security. 

To find out more about this project and show your support, visit TPRF and watch the riveting video of how the water supply is making a difference.