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The World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic and this led to a global lockdown.

The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) was ready to provide aid and support with food, water, and peace initiatives around the world, and it has now launched a new fundraising appeal to raise $150,000 by June 30 so it can keep up the good work. 

Over the last few months, more than $300,000 was quickly mobilized to provide food, water, and medical aid to those in need around the world suffering from the pandemic.

In addition to offering its own signature, Peace Education and Food for People programs, TPRF partners with many aid organizations to ensure the real needs of the people are being met. 

For example, Doctors without Borders and the International Medical Corps were each given $50,000 towards their international relief measures. A $50,000 grant was also made to CESVI to help people in Northern Italy who were hit hard. Grants of $25,000 each were provided to Family Promise and World Central Kitchen to feed the homeless and other groups in the U.S. In Ecuador $15,000 was sent to provide food to the elderly and handicapped, and seeds to families who wanted to start seed banks and gardens.

After Cyclone Harold hit Fiji in April, TPRF donated $30,000 to Save the Children for health care, clean water and educational resources, and more is pending. The recipients have all been quick to share their thankfulness. 

The Food for People program provides clean water and hundreds of thousands of nutritious meals each year. Some activities have been paused due to COVID-19, but in Nepal and Ghana there are still food delivery services for those who are homebound. 

The Peace Education Program, normally an in-person workshop series, is being offered virtually to help people discover personal peace, even during the pandemic. TPRF also shared Prem Rawat’s inspiring daily “Lockdown” videos with millions of people, helping them cope during the trying times. 

Now, TPRF is asking for your support so that they can continue their crucial work of addressing fundamental needs. They are releasing four new videos through June 30, each highlighting different ways your donations improve lives.

To watch the first video and show your support please visit TPRF here.