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Prem Rawat’s vision for the Food for People program is to provide nutritious meals, clean water, and educational opportunities to people in need. Overseen by the charity he started, The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), the initiative is winning praise from local leaders for helping their communities emerge from the cycle of poverty.

Chief Niadjekwei Jamansah of Otinibi, Ghana recently shared a video message expressing great appreciation for how the local FFP facility has improved health, school attendance, and economic activity.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank Prem Rawat and the donors who—out of their sweat—contribute monies to sustain this facility,” he says. “This facility is so important to us because it helps our children and the elders in our society.”

The message from Chief Jamansah follows a glowing report from the Honorable Abubakar Saddique Boniface, Minister for lnner City Development and Member of Parliament for La-Nkwatanang-Madina in the Greater Accra Region.  “I think this is one of the best facilities I’ve seen so far. It’s well organized, the children are well disciplined, and the way they come in for their food is so impressive. And I can see that the kids are well satisfied. I believe this is something future schools should emulate.”

To watch Chief Jamansah’s video and learn more about the Food for People program visit the TPRF website at