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An independent evaluation of the Peace Education Program in South Africa found great benefits for people in homeless shelters. More than 85% of the program participants report that they now believe it is possible to find peace within themselves.

These incredible results were the outcome of a survey of Peace Education Program participants done by the Johannesburg Department of Social Development. The Peace Education Program was designated an essential service as people are struggling to deal with COVID-19 related issues, especially the homeless riding out the crisis in shelters. The glowing responses are a testament to its effectiveness.

The evidence of benefits is so strong that the evaluation concludes with a call for empowering other institutions such as schools and correctional facilities in South Africa to embrace the Peace Education Program. “Thank you to the Johannesburg Department of Social Development and all of our partners who are working with us at The Prem Rawat Foundation to make this wellbeing program available to more people,” says Willow Baker, Peace Education Program Director. “Evaluations like this show how this powerful workshop series effectively sparks hope and inner strength even in difficult circumstances.”

To download the original evaluation, watch a video on the work of The Prem Rawat Foundation in South Africa, and read the full story, visit The Prem Rawat Foundation.