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The Italian Ministry of Justice and legislators are supporting the extension of the Peace Education Program in correctional facilities throughout Italy. The Italian officials recognized the success of the Peace Education Program in the facilities where it was being offered and have decided to include it in more  correctional facilities across the country.

The Ministry of Justice’s Director of Inmates and Treatment, Dr Gianfranco De Gesu, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support the “widespread use of The Prem Rawat Foundation’s (TPRF) Peace Education Program in Italian correctional facilities as a valid tool for educating inmates and their reintegration into society.” Nonprofit organizations in the country such as the Percosi Association will help with its implementation. The MOU comes as a follow up to a meeting held in Rome with Prem Rawat at the Italian Senate in September 2020.

The Peace Education Program has been shown to have tremendous results in nearly all of the 683 correctional facilities across the globe where it has been offered. The inmates learn to focus in on themselves and to find the inner peace which is available to us all. They feel empowered to change and to improve their lives. The Peace Education Program has been universally effective in crossing social and ideological barriers to prepare inmates to rejoin society.

To learn more about this progressive new initiative and watch a video of Prem Rawat at the Italian Senate, visit the Prem Rawat Foundation website here.