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The Peace Education Program is making waves in Atlantico, Colombia. The program provided by The Prem Rawat Foundation is being used to teach students, teachers, and even parents about the possibility for peace in their lives. The timing for peace education couldn’t be better as the country struggles to heal from years of war and conflict.

One teenage boy summed it up by saying, “I want a future: if I ever have kids, I want to give them a healthy future, where they can be at peace with everyone in the world and that they’re not repeating that past.” Change is definitely afoot and the momentum is growing. The Governor for the Department of Atlantico gave the project a very positive evaluation as a way to combat violence and bullying in the schools.

The Peace Education Program shows participants that peace, love, and tranquility are always available on the inside. As people know themselves better they are able to choose to act in a way that shows the good instead of defaulting to the bad. Prem’s quotes are used as morning affirmations. Themes from his presentations in the program are chosen for creative art projects and turned into theatrical performances. Even the small children are involved through a pop-up book made by the teachers!

This month the Reaching Out Appeal by the Prem Rawat Foundation asks for help from donors to make programs like this possible and to support their further humanitarian efforts. The appeal goal is to raise $150,000 by the end of December. The Peace Education program is transforming communities and this is an open invitation to take part. Support the initiative by the Prem Rawat Foundation by visiting the Reaching Out Appeal page here.