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Prem Rawat spoke eloquently about the benefits of the Peace Education Program at the Sala Zuccari in the Italian Senate. The legislators warmly welcomed Prem as Italian officials considered the expansion of the Peace Education Program throughout their penal system.

He was supported by the evidence of the life-changing responses of inmates who have been able to make better choices and return to a normal, productive society when they are released.

During the speech, Prem stresses the importance of bringing out the good in people.

Among those present and in agreement were Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede, Arnaldo Lomuti of the Senate Justice Committee, and Alessandra Maiorino of the Special Committee for the Safeguard and Promotion of Human Rights.

The lawmakers were aware of the success of the Peace Education Program in Italy at the Venice Santa Maria Maggiore and Pagliarelli prisons. They are actively considering adding the programs in more facilities throughout the country.

Senator Alessandra Maiorino spoke about how the Peace Education Program can be used beyond corrections facilities and should be taught in schools.

The program has been used in educational development in a number of other countries and shows great promise for the growth of helping eager young minds.

Learn more about the event here or watch the speech with Italian translation here.