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The Peace Education Program from The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) is working to change lives around the world. The program’s workshops feature videos of Prem Rawat’s talks, and they are being facilitated  in prisons, hospitals, police, schools, veterans centers and more. People are being connected to the incredibly important message that peace is within you. 

A new video released by TPRF shows Prem Rawat’s meetings earlier this year with Peace Education Program facilitators, sharing his insights on the program’s success and how your support allows the workshops to make a remarkable difference for people.

“When you hear a message that, what you are looking for is inside of you, that the joy that you want is inside of you, the feeling that you want is inside of you—it's so refreshing,” says Prem. “The value of knowing yourself—there is no limit to that.” 

You can help grow the Peace Education Program by donating to TPRF during the “United in Hope” appeal and helping reach the goal of raising $150,000 by June 30.

Watch the new video “A Remarkable Difference: Prem Rawat on Peace Education” and show your support here.