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The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) has partnered up with local group Street Peace and Respect in Ibarra, Ecuador to meet the demand of those struggling with food shortages in the area. The group of reformed gang members were inspired by TPRF’s Peace Education Program to serve in their community.

The COVID-19 lockdown exacerbated the food shortage situation in their Alpachaca neighborhood. The group has started many grassroots humanitarian initiatives such as emergency food delivery to the elderly and handicapped and supplies for sustainable community gardens. The initiative uses food grown by local farmers thus supporting the local economy. TPRF has provided a grant of $15,000 and support has grown from other partners due to the great work being done.

“Thank you with all of my heart—that you have come to my house to give us a hand in this situation,” a mother who received food for her family said. “I have three handicapped people here and we do not have work. Thank you to all who are collaborating.” Read more and watch videos about the project on the TPRF website here.

TPRF is providing hope and help in Ecuador and beyond to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic around the world. Stay up to date on all of those efforts here.