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In the northwestern area of the small country of Benin, one community is in hot pursuit of peace. Rachidi Adam, with support from The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), has been making great strides through the establishment of the non-profit organization, "Paix et Éducation". Since its founding, "Paix et Éducation" has facilitated the Peace Education Program to 200  high school students and approximately 500 inmates in the Civil Prison of Natitingou. New projects are beginning in the town of Parakou, 4 hours away, with residents of a disabled center, 450 college students, and 950 inmates at the civil prison—all using the program to learn the path to inner peace.

The innovative Peace Education Program workshops feature videos of Prem Rawat’s talks, with each session exploring different themes such as inner strength, dignity, hope, and contentment. Prem makes the program available to diverse groups of people across the world free of charge via TPRF.

Recently, Rachidi introduced the program to over 60 local leaders in Natitingou. The meeting was called to promote the growth of peace, recruit new volunteers, and present the program to local authorities including representatives from the Mayor’s office, and both Muslim and Christian religious leaders. The diversity of participants illustrates their need for the advancement of peace in the region.

The next day, Rachidi and his team were able to meet the King of Nattitingou, His Majesty Dassagaté. Each region in Benin has a traditional king who is held in the utmost authority and very highly respected. The King responded enthusiastically and is excited to promote peace deep into the villages. As a follow-up, the King is supporting a second meeting of dignitaries and traditional chiefs to raise awareness about the importance of organizing the Peace Education Program in the villages, where conflicts between farmers and nomadic herders often result in discord and violence. Rachidi and his organization’s achievements, in partnership with Prem Rawat’s foundation, show the ground is fertile in Benin for peace as a vital prerequisite to sustainable development.