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In Cusco, Peru, the Peace Education Program inspired by Prem Rawat has had an incredible impact on high-school-aged teenagers. The youth who participated in the workshops about peace, appreciation, hope and inner strength feel heard and empowered by the process. Lilly Harvie, one of the main volunteers who brought Prem’s message to the Cusco schools, says, “If it helped me, then I know it can help teenagers today!”

In July 2018, Lilly offered to facilitate peace education at I.E. Emblematica GUE Inca Garcilaso de la Vega School. As one of the largest in Cusco with 4,000 students, the General Director of the school, Mr. Suarez, was searching for avenues to encourage peace between students in the wake of a tragic fight between them that resulted in a death.

In the words of Mr. Suarez, “Things happen for a reason,” and in 2017 he organized the 1st Peru Peace Convention to have local schools united for peace. “The violence in schools is only a reflection of the problem that happens in the homes. It is a big problem,” he says.

Luckily soon after, Lilly volunteered to facilitate the Peace Education Program at his school, and Mr. Suarez says his prayers were answered. “The offer was sincere; we didn’t have to pay, and we needed help,” explained Suarez. Now peace education is offered to all secondary students at the school and in the last year, the program has expanded to 45 other schools in Cusco!

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