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Prem Rawat designed the Peace Education Program to be an interactive course to connect people with the peace within. The program has been particularly useful in prisons and correctional facilities. It was introduced as a beneficial tool at the International Corrections and Prisons Association conference (IPCA 2019).

The workshop series helps learners to call upon their own inner resources to find peace. Through these workshops, inmates tap into their own inner goodness to make better life choices and remain at peace even in trying situations. The program has won extensive praise for improving inmate behavior and reducing recidivism.

During the IPCA 2019 conference, Prem Rawat Foundation volunteers received a warm reception and were able to lead a lively panel discussion about how the message of Prem Rawat has changed lives. The volunteers came from all walks of life and were happy to network with the participants who had come from all over the world.

The conference focused on “Strengthening Our Correctional Cornerstones: Rights, Dignity, Safety, and Support”. Jeshi, a corrections official from Ethiopia commented, “Of all I saw here, [the Peace Education Program] presentation was the one that I liked the most and this product is the best. It is clear that you have to start with the heart of each human being—it is not possible to have results otherwise. I want to implement it in the prisons of Ethiopia.”

Prem Rawat’s message is carried around the globe through the Peace Education Program by The Prem Rawat Foundation. The Foundation is always looking for support and ways to grow into more institutions and this conference was an important step in bringing the knowledge of inner peace worldwide.

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