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Prem Rawat’s Peace Education Program (PEP) has been gaining national attention in Spain. It started when the Malaga Education Center, Culture of Peace, Club Málaga for UNESCO recognized the course as another vehicle to promote values of tolerance, reconciliation, and respect for human rights. A series of successful PEPs in Archidona prison near Málaga followed, prompting the Secretary General for Penitentiary Institutions from the Ministry of Interior to give Archidona an award for helping inmates through PEP.

Then in late 2018, PEP facilitators were invited to participate in the 2nd World Forum on Urban Violence and Education for Coexistence and Peace. Alberto Guerrero, president of the Spanish Federation of UNESCO Centres, and Elena López Valcárcel, vice president, both attended the forum, and Ms. Lopez spoke about how PEP complements the forum’s long-term objectives. “Including this educational program in our organization has been a success,” she declared, as it fulfills some of the objectives on the UN 2030 plan. We have witnessed a change in PEP participants in prisons as well as among domestic violence victims.”