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As the years add up, so, too, do the challenges. But for a group of senior citizens in Quito, Ecuador, the Peace Education Program is changing the equation. They call themselves the “Paz y Amor” (Peace and Love) group, and Prem Rawat’s interactive program is helping them experience a new sense of dignity and hope, and a graceful path forward in their lives.

“Seniors like us often feel that because we are old, we don’t count or are worthless — no good anymore, set aside,” says Haydee Catalina Ulloa Alviar, one of the workshop participants. “The messages in this course were very deep and beautiful. They help you find yourself and have self-love. You come home after the sessions and you’re motivated. You feel strong. You see things differently — you see how you should never give up.”

Each workshop features video excerpts of Prem addressing topics that include peace, inner strength, choice, contentment and much more. For these participants in the Peace Education Program, growing older is taking on new meaning.

“The message he gives us allows us to look inside ourselves and discover what’s inside us. It awakens a huge will to live,” says Jorge García, a volunteer who facilitated the peace education sessions in Quito.

The Peace Education Program is currently active in more than 30 countries. The Prem Rawat Foundation offers the course at no charge, providing fresh understanding and perspective not only to seniors but also to university students, at-risk youth, prison inmates, military, police and veterans.

“The course reminds us that life is not only about material things. Life is not only about technology. Life is about something more important: our inner being,” says Angelita Otañez, another participant in the Quito group.