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 A brother-sister combo is responsible for introducing Prem Rawat’s Peace Education Program (PEP) to students of the Lycée Professionnel de Jacqueville (LPJ) in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa. One day, Houphouët Nguessan, a student at the college, suggested to his sister, Stéphanie Nguessan, a PEP facilitator now living in France, that she come back for a visit to her home country to present PEP to the school administration.

As Houphouët explained, “The LPJ welcomes students from all walks of life to prepare them for jobs and active lives. I wanted them to have the opportunity to hear Prem’s message because it is filled with wisdom. I thought his talks could contribute to our education and help us prepare to enter the workforce.”

Stéphanie was successful with her presentation to LPJ Director, M. Nzi Nguessan, and other faculty, and the administrators were quick to approve the course. Before long, her brother’s dream had come true. 800 students at LPJ have now participated in PEP workshops, and a group of them have started the “LPJ Peace Club,” which now boasts 300 members. Club members plan to continue presentations of PEP at the college and other nearby locations, extending the outreach of the program in the area.