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TPRF has developed a variety of programs and initiatives with the aim of addressing the fundamental human needs of food, water and peace.

One of these, The Peace Education Program (PEP), has successfully benefited people in 81 countries and has been incorporated into diverse organizations, from police departments and prisons to universities, health care centres, corporations, and more. PEP is popular with correctional officials for its potential to reduce violence and recidivism, and the course has been offered to inmates at 462 correctional facilities around the world. Veterans and war victims are embracing PEP, and the Colombian government is rolling out the program at 500 public schools as part of its reconciliation efforts.

Each year the Food for People program (FFP) provides hundreds of thousands of nutritious meals to children and ailing adults in destitute parts of India, Nepal, and Ghana. The program improves school enrolment, academic achievement, health, and economic outlook.

TPRF also sponsors numerous other humanitarian initiatives, from eye care clinics and disaster relief efforts to peace forums and peace outreach campaigns that reach millions of people.