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Raj Vidya Kender is a non-profit registered charitable organization with the two main aims of presenting Prem Rawat’s central message that peace is possible and providing humanitarian support to people in need.

The organization has approximately 5,000 centres across India, from the smallest towns with just a few thousand inhabitants to massive cities such as Delhi. Its aims are closely aligned with Prem’s own ambitions; namely helping people explore their own human potential, the enjoyment of being alive and the possibility of experiencing peace.

RVK not only organises live events with Prem Rawat – in prisons as part of the Peace Education Program as well as huge outdoor events where attendees often exceed 400,000 – but also offers services for the poor and distressed such as free eye clinics and providing food for people in remote areas. It also supports other organizations which have similar charitable, social and philanthropic goals. These activities are supported by voluntary contributions.

The eye camps have helped over 95,000 of India’s poorest and most remote people, in 61 separate locations, obtain access to free of charge eye care. The program has benefitted from the involvement of 122 doctors, 305 doctors’ assistants and over 5,000 volunteers.