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“Whatever the difficulties may be, whatever the issues may be, and however big they may be, don’t confuse 'easy' and the fulfillment of the objective. It may not be easy to find peace. But to have found peace is a fulfillment, is a success unparalleled.” —Prem Rawat

Duality is the nature of human life. Out of confusion you can find the clarity that imbues your actions with meaning and love. Shifting the focus from your struggles (which often involve money) to true contentment may be a challenge. But with practice, the contrast that overwhelms you can be the impetus that propels you from turmoil to tranquility.

The truth is everything in the universe has been positioning itself for you to succeed since the day you were born. Prem Rawat emphasizes that it is the breath that allows you to perpetuate existence. Adults, on average, draw 24,000 of them a day. When you realize the abundance they hold, you may begin to appreciate how successful you already are and make effort to be conscious of as many of them as you can. As one of Prem’s students recently said, “Every time I take a breath, I come into a fortune.”

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