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“We carry these loads on our shoulders. And that hunches us over, bends us over, makes us uncomfortable—every day, makes us uncomfortable. And if we put that load down, we can then stand up straight—as we are meant to stand up straight. And then continue.” —Prem Rawat

Ready to be human?

We are perfectly designed to succeed at something remarkable. It distinguishes us from all living creatures. We’re prompted to fulfill that quest in almost everything we do, yet often have little comprehension of what’s behind our relentless drive.

The brilliance we aspire to can’t be attained through books; it’s a light of understanding that exists beyond the labyrinth of the mind. The allure we hope to achieve with face creams and serums is only skin deep; true beauty emanates from the core of our being and is irresistible. The strength we try to develop through vigorous workouts alone doesn’t cut it; we need to discover the resilience and endurance we already have.  

The human niche is Prem Rawat’s area of expertise. We can always rely on him to tell it like it is. The word “recognize” means “to know again, to acknowledge the existence of something.” This week he urges us to recognize ourselves--to utilize the immense power we embody and feel a level of joy he once coined as “fundamental elation.” How to get there is not an impenetrable mystery but a crystal-clear path. And if we become enmeshed in habitual fear, anger, or doubt along the journey, listening to Prem’s words reminds us that the only way out is in.

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