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Who’s narrating your life story?

“You play a part in many, many stories. But you have to always remember that those stories in which you play a part are not your stories. You have your own story. And you have to make sure that your story plays out well—with understanding, with joy, with a message, a real story.”—Prem Rawat

As far back as Paleolithic cave artists, human beings have been compelled to tell their stories. Tales of the struggle between good and evil abound in every culture. Sometimes those sagas don’t compare to the battles that take place between your ears.

This is an era like no other. World events appear catastrophic, yet there has never been a greater opportunity to flip the scenario. It is simpler than you can imagine. It starts with your awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of the source of peace within you— the hidden treasure you might have always sensed existed but had no clue where to look. If you embrace it, an exciting new chapter will begin to unfold. Choose the elements of your personal story consciously and it will be epic.

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