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Will being perfect make you happy?

We rank and score our ideal objects of desire. Even people who consider themselves a “5,” want someone who’s a perfect “10” to fall in love with them. Maybe you practice the art of feng shui and obsess about everything being just so, to create harmony, usher in prosperity, and attract even better possessions. But if you’re honest with yourself, does the prime placement of things in your environment really remove the clutter in your head? 

Most of us enjoy discovering or rediscovering truths that have resounded through the ages. This podcast centers on a compelling illustration of differentiating wanting to be perfect from experiencing what is perfect. You may take comfort in hearing that clarity, simplicity, and elegance are already yours. If you have a passion for perfection, you can know that you literally embody it.

“Whatever this idea of perfection is, that’s what we pursue. 'What would the perfect society look like? What would the perfect justice system look like?' And the more we try to push ourselves towards that, for some strange reason, the further away we get from it.”
—Prem Rawat

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