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Are you taking advantage of all the opportunity life has to offer?


Have you ever risked going all-in on something you thought was a sure thing, clinging to it as it began to slip away, experiencing disbelief as it seemed to vanish into thin air? The good news in this now-you-have it, now-you-don’t, fleeting material world, is that it’s possible to enjoy the illusion without becoming completely delusional.

If you’ve ever attempted to pull off a dubious plan and tried to convince someone your intention was other than it was, you may have had the disturbing feeling they could “see right through you.” Our episode features a man who hoped people would see right through him, a hilarious account of how unfortunate assumptions can be. His story may help you avoid the Dunning-Kruger effect in your own life.

This week, Life’s Essentials highlights the wisdom of trading belief for knowing. And the possibility of changing your fortune forever by recognizing a commodity you already have. You can bank on it.

“It is imperative that we understand what it means to know yourself. That we understand what it means to live this life consciously. That we actually understand to have this heart full of gratitude. It’s more imperative now than ever before.”
—Prem Rawat

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