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Is your life story already written in stone, or do you have choices? Is life like a movie theater where you just plop back, grab a big bucket of popcorn—and the movie has already been made? Or is it more like a live play where you’re on the stage and there’s a role that you have to play?


Sometimes it feels as if we’re all players in a movie. You may imagine your favorite songs as the soundtrack of your life. Or picture yourself as a heroine or hero who overcomes obstacles to develop strength and character. Because how satisfying can a film be if the protagonist just hangs out in the background and does nothing. 

Are the elements of your own life story entertaining or boring, the action predictable and tedious? Are you fatigued by the weight of inner and outer conflict, a victim of circumstance? Is leaving everything up to fate, or other people, bringing you illuminating clarity, or do you feel more like a burnt-out star?

You could be a proactive participant fully engaged in your existence, forging your own destiny. If you’re sitting in a theater, watching a dull movie you hate, there’s always the “exit” door. But how can you escape an unfortunate scenario keeping you trapped, in your day-to-day living?

When your heart beckons, holding open the door within you, consider entering. This is the domain of self-knowledge, where the plot thickens: peace is dynamic, the riches only appreciate in value, and magic isn’t illusory. This is where you discover your secret power—choice.

You’re not here to just solve your problems. You don’t have to be affected by them. Like I say, “You can’t stop the rain. You can’t. But you can carry an umbrella—and you can open that umbrella, and you don’t have to get wet.”
—Prem Rawat

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