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Change. It’s always happening to us, so why does it seem so scary?
That’s what we’ll be exploring in this week’s episode.


People of every era have pursued what they thought would bring them happiness or make them stand out from the crowd. Each generation has had their definition of cool—cars, hairstyles, clothes. But fashion that’s trending today may not seem cool tomorrow. If we reflect on these shifts in taste and style, they tell us that anything that can change, will.

Yet we often fear it. Like growing older because people might not think we’re still cool. Or we initiate change--sometimes to our own detriment--because we feel unfulfilled or bored.  At heart, we are wired to break free, attracted to what is unique. Being human, we delight in finding that which is relevant and essential. We are driven to encounter the ultimate. 

Prem Rawat invites us to know the one thing that never changes but is always fascinating—a user experience that is ancient but never gets old.

“That power that allows your existence to take place, that energy, that reality, doesn’t change. What was keeping people alive in the twelve hundreds,—sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen hundreds? And here we are, two thousand twenty? Same thing is keeping us alive.”  — Prem Rawat

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