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Today has a message for you!

Tune in now!

Prem reminds us to take life one step at a time, one moment at a time. We can plan for tomorrow and remember yesterday, but we also have the capacity to understand what today is all about and the fantastic capacity to see what is happening in the now. Today carries a special message for you. This moment carries a message for you that is profound, simple, and clear. Be, exist, and enjoy. Not the enjoyment of this world, but enjoyment that comes from within you.. Life is only a gift if you realize it is a gift. If you don't accept the gift, it is worth nothing. So many others have come to this world before you and will after you, and what difference does it make?

In the morning, Prem visits the World-o-Meter website with all the information about populations and the statistics of the Coronavirus. Do the numbers truly represent what is going on? The statistics of older people dying is very sad because a whole generation will grow up without their grandparents’ valuable wisdom and knowledge. The younger generation loses the guidance of the grandparents and their support. These numbers represent human beings like you and me.

Terrible things are happening and some leaders missed the boat. They saw the storm coming and did nothing. It was a terrible fiasco, but even in these circumstances, you have to pull your head out of the sand and look around. The two wolves are still inside you. Are you feeding the bad wolf instead of the good wolf? That would be a tragedy on top of a tragedy. But if you feed the good wolf who lives on kindness, clarity, joy, and fulfillment and these are the things that will make the good wolf strong.

We believe we are the apex of human civilization, but how? Maybe some virtual reality? How will that help the human condition? As modern humans, we haven't been around that long or able to sort things out yet. We are still living in a very antique world. Look, even women in our society don’t have equal space. For example, mixed marriages in India and the LGBT community are not accepted and society remains dramatically divided.

TV shows teach us about people who hoard things. Corporations are always hoarding money. We produce so much and waste even more as some go hungry and in need. It is truly time to reflect on this and understand if we want to be divided or united as human beings on the face of this Earth. Do we want a world that feels safe or dangerous? The answers to these questions lie in your heart and the heart of all human beings.

We desire to be free, to move forward, to be progressive, to be united, and to be working for the betterment of all mankind. The world we create today is the world we will reflect upon tomorrow whether we like it or not. We are the architects of tomorrow and we will never understand tomorrow or yesterday if we do not understand today. This is the time to take a step and to look inside yourself. Not to ponder the uncertainty but to ponder the certainty we can bring. It is time to unite like we have never united before. We need to be united with ourselves and know and understand who we are so we can move forward and make the world a better place for everyone. That we understand the meaning of mankind through our kindness for all human beings across the world.

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