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What if life is a shopping center?

Tune in for a shopper's guide to life.

Today Prem talks about the opportunity for us to be happy, to enjoy, to be simple, and to have an understanding that your relationship between the two walls is about you. It isn’t about the Corona virus or this world, all the stuff of the world we are concerned about is human made. It is a play of human beings, and we are just puppets in someone’s script. We all desire to be free, but have you asked yourself what it is that enslaves you? Why do you not feel free? All the stuff on the outside is holding you back from being who and what you are.

We know so little about our existence. What does it mean to be alive, to exist, and to be? People make existence so complicated with their beliefs and theories. Some believe we can believe away all our problems and questions. Prem Rawat challenges people to know, to understand and to have the awareness of the self. That is what it feels like to truly be alive.

Corona all began with some sick people in China and then began to jump around the world. The airlines unknowingly carried the virus all over the world. Unrestricted travel wasn’t a bad idea when people are permitted to travel all over. In the 1970s it was expensive to travel and a domain for the rich. Then in the 80s, it became democratized and people started going wherever they would like. The same disease spread was seen in the traveling done during the Spanish Flu.

It's a simple formula, basically isolate, don’t get it, and give it. Before the virus all these bizarre things were happening and now Coronavirus has the attention. But this is not why we are here. We are here to be fulfilled. There is nothing in this life that we take with us so we should enjoy every minute of existence that we can. Let it go as we can't control what happens but we can control how we react. Controlling your actions needs to be for yourself first. To be kind, have understanding, be fulfilled, be loved, and be clear. Once it happens for you it is up to you what you do with it. You have just evoked these beautiful powers that are inside of you. Of course you still feel normal emotions like sadness. We do not know what is going to happen in the future, but we know what lies within us.

Be thankful if your home has walls. Imagine all the poor people who will be hit very hard. The people in the shacks made of corrugated aluminum sheets in places like Africa and India. The summer in the Southern hemisphere is here and it is hot. How do you quarantine yourself? The one thing we can do is to choose to love each other. Love is blind and is one of the most powerful things you have. Your love is the most powerful thing you have and it is more powerful than a fist punch to the face. Love touches people in a place where they never forget what it has been like. You have that within you even if you don't know how to use it and how to evoke it.

You are short changed by these little picture postcards this printer of the mind keeps putting out, of what your vision of love is, and what your picture of who you should give love to. How obnoxious these pictures are as they short change people. The printer keeps putting out more and more prints and you say yes, this is what I want.

It is so important for those of us who can do something during this crisis to do it. Have a heart and give a thought for everyone else as we are all in the same boat together. When we realize that it will be an incredible turning point to understand what it means to be human again.

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