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What is the heart’s call to action?

Tune in and find out.

In today’s podcast, Prem talks about how to be fulfilled, real, and true. He begins with a story about a young man seeking wisdom on how to make the most out of life. The message is that we walk with a heavy load on our backs full of accumulated judgements. If we can put down the load and let go we can walk straight and upright.

As a child, nothing is routine and we accept the challenges that come our way. We are excited to be alive and to accept opportunities from a clear heart and mind. As adults, the tape recorder in our minds starts playing every morning and continues throughout the day. There is no one but ourselves to blame. The problem is that it distracts us from ourselves and we can no longer hear the call from within that tells us how to be fulfilled, real, and true. The heart’s call to action is to bring us into peace. Is there a way for us to reset ourselves?

Life is trying to tell me something. I am trying to tell me something and the universe is trying to tell me something. I came from dirt and to dirt I will go. The question is about what we do with the life in between. The other things that happen are inconsequential. What truly matters is the coming and going of the breath. The extraordinary gift of life is ours. It comes and fills us so we can be alive and to exist.

We have the power to think about anything we want, but we should also think about our basic needs such as the need for fulfillment, contentment, and joy. Without these, the consequences are horrible like sadness and depression. There are always ways to overcome doubts.

What can we do to benefit ourselves and to make room for improvement? It is about accepting what is in your heart and your mind and overcoming obstacles so your needs can be fulfilled. To find the clarity and joy, you have to turn inside and see that all these pleasant things are already within you. The divine is already within you. It is just about awakening to see it clearly. All that is good is already within you.

If you know the divine is within you, how excited are you? You should be so thrilled that all these things are already inside you. It is a whole other reality as real as what is on the outside. With this Corona crisis, we have to look inside and depend on ourselves. While it is an obstacle to our plans, the breath is still within you. You are still alive and participating in existence.

Even in these circumstances, we have the opportunity to reset ourselves. What is inside has not changed. The burden can be dropped and we can stand up straight and walk. We can enjoy this time and find fulfillment being alive. We only need to take some precautions and we will all be fine.

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