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Feel like a victim? Losing direction?

Tune in to find your own beacon of hope.

In today’s podcast, we are reminded by Prem that we can feel hope and not be victimized by the COVID 19 crisis. We need to find our hope and clarity. The reality hits and we ask ourselves what to do. We feel trapped by the decisions of our leaders. The lack of leadership leads to fear and anxiety. What can be done? 

You can tap into a source of hope, clarity, understanding and light. You can be more fulfilled and better prepared to move forward and take on challenges that come your way. Bad things happen in life and we often get stuck in negativity. Thankfully, there is a beacon of light within you. You are the source and the angel who has come and can save you. You are the hope that you have been looking for. 

We are like boats adrift in the sea without navigation and nothing to see but water in all directions. Without a compass, we don't know which way to go and panic. The compass is within you and once you know the direction you want to go, you can have self control. The good news is that you have that possibility in your life to move forward. As long as you have breath you can keep moving forward. Even in these hopeless times, we have to push ourselves. 

During birth there is such an incredible force required it is like a rocket taking off. The transition from living in water to breathing has to happen in a few hours. The stakes are incredibly high and everything is against you. You are fragile, weak, and helpless, and suddenly have to breathe for yourself. You know challenges and in the darkness you can still find the light. Thrive and feel good. Know yourself, live your life consciously, and have a heart full of gratitude. 

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