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How you picture the future can change your life.

Tune in to help focus your inner camera.

In today’s podcast, Prem talks about the uncertainties around us and bad decisions being made that we cannot control. COVID-19 is still raging on and there is little we can do about it. However, we can do something about how we feel and how we react. Our inner peace can be undisturbed.

Human beings have been through problems and turbulent times throughout history. Amazingly, we have survived. The key is to remain flexible. We want to pretend we are rocks, but we are not and to withstand we need to be limber like the branches of a tree. We all have experienced changes to our plans and lives because of Corona.

This camera in our minds makes pictures. The first response is to try to make them happen precisely as we see them. Often we become very frustrated in this process. We need to be like a liquid and as fluid as the situation requires. Then there is no problem we cannot overcome. Work within the situation and carefully examine your response to the circumstances you are dealt. That is all that can truly be controlled. The camera making pictures is very powerful and we want things to be a certain way and when something gets in the way we get upset.

People often miss that there is a picture that has been taken with all your positives and gifts that are even more powerful such as kindness, clarity, and understanding. Finding these attributes within yourself and applying them, then there is no problem you cannot face. The pictures created by the mind can convince people that life must be a particular way. When the gifts we have inside are unlocked, we can more peacefully move towards joy and happiness.

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