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Two wolves, good and bad, fighting inside of you. 
Which one wins?

In this week’s podcast Prem Rawat reminds us to take things one step at a time. Each moment of existence is a gift. The “World-o- Meter” gives plenty of statistics about births, deaths, and even Coronavirus. But what do these stats represent in the scheme of what is really going on within each of us?

Prem encourages each of us to pull our heads out of the sand and see what life’s beauty. Where your focus goes is what you become. Do you focus on the good or the bad?

We need to learn to respect each other as human beings in spite of our differences.  Prem uses the example of women’s continuing struggles for equal rights, equal pay, and societal opportunity.  He encourages us to be united as human beings and to work towards the betterment of all mankind.

The world we create today architects the world of tomorrow. We will not be able to appreciate the impact of our actions until we understand the importance of each day and every life. 

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