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What can you discover between politics and religion?

Listen to this podcast to find out.

In this week’s podcast with South African TV documentary producer Arianna Azzolini, Prem speaks about his one of a kind platform which is uniquely human. There is so much noise in the world right now. Humans are changing but our basic needs are still the same. The need for peace remains no matter what happens. We are in a very special small niche where we can learn to be happy. Peace is a reality and possibly that should always be a goal. Once we have peace in ourselves the world opens up to us.

A human being is the holder of all light and darkness and we can choose to use our light to illuminate others. Each must take the effort to open their eyes. Peace is an evolving process which requires constant effort. There are days when all of us feel lost, but every day is an opportunity to move forward.

Prem explains how much he likes what he does and in sharing his gift for sharing peace. Finding your gift is about knowing who you are and what you have to share. It is not about destiny but is about making the best of your choices.

They speak about Prem’s interactions with apartheid and his ban from South Africa at 14. The main issue came down to having a moral problem with having segregated events. He broke all the apartheid rules. It was a matter of standing up for what is right. In rebuilding South Africa, humanity has to work. There has to be a unity through people coming in touch with their own humanity.

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