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How do you find the path to contentment?

Listen to this podcast for some pointers. 

You are the angel you have been waiting for. Learn more in this podcast where Prem Rawat is interviewed by DJ Fresh and DJ Somizi on Fresh Breakfast Metro FM, the biggest morning show in Southern Africa. Topics discussed include how to resolve conflicts, how to truly love, and how to find contentment.

The power to create solutions is within us. It is all about knowing ourselves and bringing what is within us to share with the world. The want and greed we see at a young age contaminate us as people and only through understanding ourselves can we break free.

To thrive in relationships, be the best, most beautiful flower you can be, radiating love and peace like sweet pollen in the air, and bees will come. Let your bright smile be your enticing nectar, and you will attract the right people into your life to become fruitful. Fill your own cup so that it may run over to others.

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