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The Beauty in your Life

Do you allow enough elbow room in your life?
Clear some space by listening to this podcast.

This week’s podcast is an interview with leading Portuguese journalist Antonio Mateus, former foreign correspondent reporting on Nelson Mandela in South Africa, and Prem Rawat, in Barcelona Spain.

 The message of peace works but the system works against us. Our learned behaviors are holding us back from seeing our true selves. We must break out of the cycle and habits we have found ourselves in. The message of peace has echoed through the ages from the time of Socrates. Now Islam is often blamed for many disagreements but it is really that we are lacing a whole group of people into a box. Our fear keeps us trapped and prevents us from moving forward.The fear of terrorists is perpetuated by governments. It is all played upon us. We have the choice to be in heaven here on Earth despite being told we are in hell. If we can find our peace, we will perpetuate kindness and understanding. The problems we see are problems we have created. We need peace to correct the problems.

It is important to keep human dignity intact. We cause our own frustration and issues. In order for there to be light, we need to light the lamp. How far is darkness from light? It takes only an instant. Both darkness and light are there at the same time. The discipline in life is to be with the light. Discipline keeps us looking ahead and carrying the light forward into the world. Obstacles are only a problem when we are not seeing clearly.

Prem once met a farmer in India who was watering his plants. They had forgotten their water and he stopped watering his crops to share with them. Then he offered them his bread and pickles which was all he had. He gave freely and had such generosity. Prem will always remember his beautiful kindness.

After all these years of service, Prem is most often tickled by his own heart. For him if he is conscious he will choose the good. You do not have to teach someone to choose the good once they realize that is the best option. Even from a young age, Prem could see what was real and what was not real. He was attracted to reality and attributes it to his enduring father’s message. It is about steadfastly pursuing the good despite any challenges.

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