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What will humanity be like in 2077?

In this podcast interview which is included in a four-part television documentary, Prem reminds us that we have no limitation for happiness in our lives. Each of us has a compass inside pointing us to ourselves. There is enjoyment to be had and there is a quest for each person to be fulfilled. We are each awaiting our opportunity for our cup to be filled.

We can neither move further or closer to peace as the peace lies inside of us. What we must do is to understand that all war begins within a human being. Without inner conflict outer conflict doesn't happen. We act without having an understanding of ourselves which escalates the conflict. The end of war begins with knowing our true selves.

Few people want to change, yet change is necessary for us to be who we are today. We need to understand the humanness within the human being. That humanity will not change, although the behavior of humans can always change. The desire to be alive never waivers. The pure fundamentals such as the desire to be content are unchanging. The very things that should bring us together often separate us.

Technology is rapidly overtaking the world. Once upon a time, everyone rode horses. Then suddenly there were cars which gradually took over as the main form of transportation. Technology is meant to make our lives easier, but actually brings more work.

We want technology to make our lives easier, but we seldom stop and ask ourselves if it is accomplishing that goal. A human being can do amazing things because of our creativity. However sometimes we fail to ask the simple question of who am I. Despite being at the top of the food chain, we must preserve the humanity of the human being.

Prem speaks on how technology can create a pseudo-infinite reality. Our true power lies in kindness, peace, and humanity. At first technology is being developed to perform menial tasks. Whatever direction we go we need to remember who we are and our vulnerabilities. No technology can look inside of ourselves or bring us peace. Peace is and should be the fundamental quest nothing else will fill the void.

Our technology can take us to Mars but that doesn’t change the state of humanity. We will end up trying to turn Mars into Earth and will destroy Mars itself in the process. We have no appreciation for what we already have. Human beings have this hammer called technology and they want to try it out on everything.

All the fruits and vegetables at the supermarket have been touched by human technology. We have used it on literally everything without considering the consequences. If we do not change we will destroy what we cherish on this Earth.

Each of us has both good and bad inside of us. We get to choose which we will be in each instance. The more good we do the more used to being good we become. On the other hand, the more bad we do the easier it becomes to do bad.

Take for example the overwhelming problem of food waste. The Earth gives more than enough to take care of all of us but because of greed and ignorance many go hungry.

These technologies should help us to grow as human beings and promote our higher selves.

We have to learn to save ourselves instead of waiting for systems and governments to act. There is always hope that we wake up and realize the power is in our hands. When people have inner peace they stop fighting and the conflict evaporates. There are growing pains in technology’s growth and unintended consequences.

Happiness is a subjective experience and difficult to measure. Knowing yourself is the crucial element. Being prosperous means having a sense of purpose, having gratitude, and not caring what others think. While technology has promised us to have more time, it often makes us less happy. Technology cannot bring us love and we need love and kindness. We need to understand what technology can and cannot do for us. Technology cannot replace our humanity.

We are constantly searching for our betterment. If you do not understand who you are it will be uncomfortable and lost. Despite all of our challenges and our reliance on technology, we still have the opportunity to change. We change technology more than it has fundamentally changed us. We still have the same needs and fears. These are the things that make us human.

We need to strive to remain human in the face of chaos. We need to be able to spark a light in the darkest of times. Our foundations must be strong. It is important to have the courage to be truly human and not to lose ourselves in hardship.  

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