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When the world seems unfair, and the deck seems stacked against you, how can you be your own hero?

And can you raise your children to be true to themselves? 

In this week’s podcast, Prem Rawat is interviewed in Cape Town, South Africa at the Vineyard Hotel by Lumka Ngxoli. They talk about Prem’s education and his thoughts on schooling in South Africa and around the world. Education is an investment in the future and should be a priority.

Schools can benefit from the Peace Education Program by teaching the children to be true to themselves. Each child should become their own island of stability. Prem would tell the children of the world to create goals and standards for their lives, and to enjoy the future. He stressed we should be who we want to be and be true to yourself. We need to learn to be our own hero and find the strength within.

The root of the conflict in South Africa and beyond is frustration. People imagined a magic change when apartheid was over and have still found themselves struggling. It is important for us to stop and think before we act so we do not harm others. It is critical that we know ourselves and can stay centered.

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