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In this week’s podcast Prem is interviewed by Wendy Hughes in Australia. They talk about how the country is in a great position for peace to grow and flourish. The need for peace is the same as in any other country as people everywhere face the same challenges. He stresses that once you see the preciousness of life you want to maximize the limited time you have available. There is more to life than paying bills and basic responsibilities. There is a real meaning to life that people should truly appreciate. In particular, Austrialians should realize how blessed they are with their natural resources which are so abundant.

Prem speaks about how he deeply believes that peace is possible and something we should be striving to create in our lives and the world around us. All too often we focus on the negative and miss out on the positive.

The first step is knowing who and where you currently are in your life to be able to plan where you are going.  There is nothing happening to humans today that cannot be fixed with enough dedicated focus, determination, and will.

While talking about his childhood, Prem tells us small details about his early life. He explains that sharing peace has been his life since his earliest memories. He feels spreading peace has been his mission in life and he is passionate about helping others to find peace in their lives through storytelling.

In vivid imagery, Prem tells us about his first trip to a prison in South Africa. Despite all the hardships and violence, there is a thirst for peace.

He describes how peace gives one freedom past understanding. Freedom is truly in the heart not in the physical world. It is a state of mind, not external circumstances.

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Spreading the message of peace

Humanitarian aid
Humanitarian aid
The Prem Rawat Foundation advances dignity, peace, and prosperity by addressing the fundamental human needs of food, water, and peace. The nonprofit foundation’s Peace Education Program is a series of workshops that help people discover personal peace.
TimelessToday produces content inspired by Prem Rawat about the human potential for peace and wellbeing. Download the App or visit the website to explore Prem’s extraordinary work.
Events with Prem
Events with Prem
Words of Peace Global is a charity set up by those inspired by Prem’s message of peace. Its aim is to share Prem’s message by providing clear information on upcoming events and the ways to support them financially.
RawatCreations is a start-up company showcasing the photography and musical compositions of Prem Rawat. These are available on, with many other products in development.