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Where is the peace gene?

Did you know that there is a gene for peace?  Science says its true.  But how do you activate the peace gene and what happens when you do? 

Prem is in Miami with local radio DJ Kike Posada for an interview about why the world isn’t more interested in peace. He answers a question about the silent majority of people who want peace and they should be the ones who are most vocal. He stresses the importance of communication. We are giving up our privacy and have forgotten what it is to be in a productive humanity.

Things are grossly amiss in the world and we are not using the technology we have for the right purposes. It is vital that there is a rise in the people who want peace or the results will be incredibly grave. The companies who make arms are pushing their goods all over the world and we see the repercussions. In the history of humanity, there was once peace, understanding and sharing.

We have a “peace gene” that we can activate to be more kind and sharing. Peace is inside everyone and it is possible.

The best way to look at simplicity is to see a thing just as it is without adding or judging. Our own thoughts about what is in front of us is what makes things difficult. To see simplicity, you have to see reality. We add unnecessary labels and beliefs that get in the way of life and existence.

We are already in heaven if we change our point of view. If you are not comfortable with who you are you can choose to change. There’s an amazing chance to know yourself in this life. Pay attention to your own road and not the path of others.

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